Emerging Freestyle Sport Challenges Olympic Traditionalists

Skybound GTGames Presented by GRT   

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July 5, 2018 – San Diego (Escondido) CA.  The SkyBound GT Games presented by GRT Inc. is the pinnacle event of the new Freestyle Trampoline (Gtramp) community and has attracted a record number of competitors and spectators this year.  After a very successful event, the organizers are looking forward to bringing the platform to Europe for the first time, hosting the world’s first European GT Games in Denmark in a month.  A truly International contingent of athletes from around the world will have a chance to see who is the best G-Tramp athlete on August 4 & 5th, 2018.  Some of the American athletes who competed well in California will also be travelling to Europe to compete and see how they perform against the Europeans.

The 80 athletes competed in 3 events –  a game of  T.R.A.M.P, 2 Trick Combo and 30 Second Freestyle.  An international panel of expert judges included Dominique Lewis, Tricker/Influencer; Logan Dooley, US Olympic Team Member (Trampoline) & National Champion; Didrick Froberg, Swedish National Team Gym Member & National Champion.  The judges were scoring out of a possible 10 points looking for degree of difficulty in skills, creativity and execution (landings).
Each year, the GT Games invites the top 50+ athletes who demonstrate not only outstanding skills but also control, creativity and style.  The judges comb through hundreds of online video submissions using the hashtag #GTGames2018  and invite the best to attend.  This year the volume of entries was so high a total of 80 athletes were invited. Over 1,000 submission entries were received with the selected athletes invited to compete in a friendly competitive tournament.  Many of these young athletes (age 11 – 21) were just excited to have the chance to demonstrate their unique skills and talents in front of their peers and spectators, their social media followers, and their fellow G-Tramp athletes. Some athletes as young as 11 years old have already become YouTube personalities, spilling over from their “Instagram famous” accounts where they post highlights of impressive tricks and skills, as well as their unique ‘daredevil’ style stunts.

“We have seen a real step up in the level of athleticism compared to last year’s GT Games. The first season of Freestyle Trampoline has really shown us how much demand there is for this alternative to rigid structured traditional trampoline” ~ Greg Roe; Co/Creator Host

The Freestyle Trampoline community is officially on the map and growing fast.  Both KUSI-TV and Fox5 News out of San Diego showcased the event in their morning segments on Friday as athletes were warming up.  Freestyle Trampoline was also demonstrated at the Norway X-Games with Greg Roe, hitting 11 million viewers on their live stream so the future looks amazing for this emerging new sport; a twist on traditional Olympic Trampoline.

“Since 2015, SkyBound and Greg Roe have partnered together to push for the growth and acceptance of the Gtramp and freestyle trampoline sport for the flipping community. We’re excited to see the interest in the SkyBound GT Games grow world-wide while providing a bigger platform for these athletes to demonstrate their athleticism and abilities. We want to help keep athletes safer and extend their careers by promoting proper skills training on SkyBound trampolines world-wide!“ – Ricky Lai 

“This is a growing sport and an amazing opportunity for the GTramp and Freestyle Trampoline community to showcase their unique skill sets and creative style ! Greg and I were thrilled to see the increased level of athletes and enthusiasm that turned out to the event and we’re proud to be able to co-host this event with Skybound Trampolines and the Escondido Sports Center. Last year was an amazing event but this year was even bigger and better!!” ~ Trish McGeer, GRT’s Director of Marketing and GTGames Co-Creator/ Organizer  

SKYBOUND GTGAMES 2018                                              MEDIA RELEASE                                                                                                “1

The SkyBound GTGames is growing this year to include Europe! Taking place on August 4 – 5, 2018 at the world-famous gymnastics school, Ollerup Gymnastix, located in southern Denmark, athletes will be treated to a state of the art facility and beautiful accommodations for the athletes.

VIDEO LINK – https://youtu.be/HPN4W0UkroE

The Skybound GTGames was proudly supported by: Escondido Sports Center, Gravitated Equations, Baendit Eyewear, AirtrackUS,

Altitude Trampoline Park

For more information on the SkyBound GT Games presented by GRT Inc., please visit their website at: www.gtrampgames.com  GT Games USA was hosted by: Escondido Sports Center (Kit Carson Park), California For more information please contact:  

Trish McGeer, GRT Inc.  – 647.524.6320 or email /  trishmcgeer1@gmail.com Ricky Lai, Skybound USA   – email / rlai@skyboundusa.com