The Garden Trampoline Games, or GT Games, is a world-class competition created by SkyBound USA and presented by Greg Roe Trampoline. Hosted in the USA and in Europe, the GT Games is the world’s first official freestyle backyard trampoline competition. Each year, the world’s best #Gtramp athletes are invited to compete for one of the top 50 spots in both the USA and EU GT Games! This annual gathering of the world’s best freestyle trampoline athletes was developed to help raise awareness for the sport of freestyle trampoline, improve safety and training standards, and inspire a new generation of trampoline athletes around the world!


To register to compete in the GT Games, please submit your highlight reel on Instagram by posting it to YOUR page and using the hashtag #GTGamesUS2018 for the USA event or #GTGamesEU2018 for the European GT Games. Next, please officially register your application to compete in the GT Games at the link (www.gtrampgames.com/registration). We will review submissions every week and finalize selections no later than 1 month before each submission due date for each respective event. To apply for the GT Games in the USA, submit your official application by 6/1/18. To apply for the GT Games in Europe, submit your official application by 7/1/18.